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About Us

We focus  on workers' compensation, consulting and structuring internal business operations to comply with state standards in Workers Compensation Insurance.

We are an Insurance Service Company which offers free consultations for new and existing businesses, using techniques of “Risk Management” & “Loss Prevention”.

We also assist companies with General Liability and Workers Compensation Audit Revision.

With our extensive knowledge and understanding, we are here to best serve our clients and their businesses. 

Our Services

Audit Assistance


To prevent an Estimated Audit our auditing techniques can help you protect your profits and save money.

Workers Comp Non-Compliance


​​​​​Is your business exposed to non-compliance workers compensation penalties and at risk of continuous workers' compensation violations?

Mod Analysis


Mod Master Analysis is a tool that provides an overview of a Business Workers Compensation Experience

Karen Catalano


Your Workers Comp Guru!

Karen  Catalano started her insurance career in 1998, in Personal lines sales, and then moved to underwriting review and eventually to fulltime Commercial Lines CSR. After working behind a desk, Karen’s, ambition with the experience and knowledge she had acquired was to return to sales and work with business owners to better help them understand and make wise decisions when purchasing insurance, by using techniques of Risk Management & Loss Prevention.


Mark S. Hayes Construction Trades Staffing Inc.

“You know that feeling…you are drowning in confusion and high unfair costs and you have no idea what’s up?  

I had that experience working with Comp Insurance…over-charges… wrong charges…confusing billing…threats of cancellation…cats & dogs…a mess! And if I don’t get it straight it may cost me my business. As a Temp Agency for the Construction Trades you can imagine how much this affects my business. I was drowning…until a Life Preserver came alone…that was Karen Catalano.

They still try…over-charges are the norm…but I have Karen to fight my battles and everything is in order. Quarterly Comp Audits take minutes, not hours. Karen has the entire audit period all buttoned up to the last dollar. Not the norm in my business. Karen also helps me in all other insurances and issues.

Do I recommend Karen Catalano?? Ya think!!!!!”

Sjunseeargn Foxx Foxx Business Consulting, Inc.


I must say that working with you thus far has been very rewarding. When I started researching insurance agents I was underwhelmed, to say the least but from the moment I reached out to you I knew you would be a good fit. I have so much going on right now but knowing you are the type of professional that responds promptly, provides clear and concise explanations, resourceful and relatable. You put a new customer like me at ease I just wanted you to know, from one small business professional to another, that I appreciate you.

Thank you

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