Workers Compensation Audit Assistance

Audit Assistance gives you peace of mind. Documents are reviewed and calculated before the scheduled audit, informing you if you have a refund or owe additional premium. The carrier will be happy that your audit is satisfied without having to generate an ESTIMATED audit. We can even assist to recoup premiums from past estimated audits!

QCPS can accurately dissect your workers' compensation environment and successfully complete: Online, Paper or Physical Audits. Our expertise in workers' compensation insurance will guarantee that your business will be in compliance with your carrier, as well as, state regulation.

Did you know every Workers Compensation Policy requires an Audit at the Policy Expiration? When your policy expires, it is important to understand that without an audit your workers' compensation insurance expenses will be more than you need to pay.

To prevent an Estimated Audit, which could have you paying more for your insurance premium, our auditing techniques can help you protect your profits. Also, to receive bonus credits to reduce your premium, an audit request answered and completed in a timely fashion is important.

In addition to our workers' compensation audit assistance, we also assist with the General Liability Audits. With the ability to go back 3 years in your policies, we have the opportunity to recoup some unnecessary premium expenses you may have over paid for.