Mod Master Analysis: Understanding Workers Comp Insurance

Mod Master Analysis is a tool that provides an overview of a Business Workers Compensation Experience.


Mod Analysis helps companies grow strong and stay strong. The last item any growing company wants is a 30% increase in a statutory policy due to a loss from 2 yrs. ago. Having this overview of your routine workers compensation environment will prevent that! 

Who benefits from Mod Analysis? Those companies with higher premiums. A run on injuries or medical claims under your policy can increase your Experience Mod causing 10 – 200 % more in premium. We can assist by generating a look down the road at what your projected Cost or Savings will be.

It offers business insight, uncovers actionable problem areas and improves your impact on total workers' compensation costs. It is important to analyze this data because Employee and Workers Compensation Insurance are affixed cost in a Business Budget. 

Preforming & reviewing an analysis can enlighten a business to a problem area – see an incurred cost approaching - learn the performance of Safety Programs– assist a company with saving for growth and development of other areas of the company. 

With this one-of-a-kind software and the guidance of Queen City Professional Services you will immediately understand this sector of your business and you will be able to PLAN for successful business growth & employee safety.

Be an industry leader. Begin your Queen City Mod  Master Experience today